Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our specialists will estimate the amount of work, take all measurements and calculate the cost of the project absolutely free.

Usually 3-5 business days after measurements.

No, you need to replace the entire insulated glass unit.

No, each window has its own insulated glass unit’s size.  Based on your insulated glass unit’s size, it can only be produced in specialized production.

This is due to the fact that your unit has stopped working correctly over time. So this means that it needs to be replaced. Due to the different temperatures outside and inside your house, condensation forms in the glass unit. If the unit is new, the condensate may disappear by itself. If the unit has been installed a long time ago, then the condensate will remain between the two panels.

The price for replacing glass in a window depends on the size and type of the window. If you want to quickly find out the approximate price, you can send a couple of pictures of your window by text message (630)225-3105 or by email fixhomeglass@gmail.com and we will give you a price.

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