Annealed, Low-e, Tempered glass

Today, our life cannot be imagined without glass. Glass and glass products surround us and are found everywhere.

In our company you can order the installation of any type of glass.


Regular glass which stay on most of the glass units in the houses.

Tempered glass

This type of glass is obtained by tempering ordinary glass. Tempered glass is used for glazing large areas, windows and stained glass structures with double-glazed windows in crowded places, in order to reduce the risk of injury when broken. Tempered glass is stronger than usual and, if damaged, breaks into small square and rectangular pieces that are difficult to cut. An alternative when glazing with tempered glass is to use protective and armor films. To replace tempered glass, you can contact The Fixhomeglass by phone (630)225-3105. Replacing tempered glass takes a little longer than replacing ordinary glass, this is due to the fact that when replacing tempered glass in a patio door or window, it is necessary to make tempering immediately after cutting. Adding this process to the work when replacing tempered glass in a double-glazed window somewhat increases the cost of replacing glass and double-glazed windows.


Low-E glass is used for the manufacture of insulated glass units with energy-saving properties. The use of low-emissivity glass is widespread in the USA. Low-E glass is hermetically packed and stored in a package until cutting, otherwise they will lose their properties. You can check the presence of an energy-saving coating with a flame by holding it to the glass in a double-glazed window, the reflection of the flame must have a shade of pink-lilac. We are replacing double-glazed windows in windows with energy-saving glass.